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To start my name is Kelci and I’m 22 (almost 23) years old, I have been engaged since the 4th of July of 2010 to my amazing man Tim. (We will finally be getting married next November!)  We have a beautiful son Brandon who is 2, who keeps me busy every day. I am a full-time Mommy and part-time daycare teacher. I live a busy life but wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now. I’m not going to lie I have always been intimidated by the thought of making one. First I’m not a good writer but I have so many ideas and a wonderful life that I would like to share. So now I took the leap. I know this isn’t going to be easy, but it’s something I want to do and try at the least. With this being my first time blogging I will be taking one step at a time. Learning as I go so just bear with me.

I will be writing about my life as a multitasking, young mom. For example today I have tried making breakfast with a new recipe which failed with the fire alarm going off. Throwing the banana pancakes away and resorting to a simple cereal. Dinner is made and in the crock pot cooking, 1 load is laundry done. House is cleaned for the most part hopefully going to get to the dishes before I leave (not counting on it.) Brandon is down for his nap and I have an hour to shower, get ready and finish this all before I leave for work. When I’m not running around like a mad woman just trying to get myself and Brandon fed, meals cooked and the house clean. I do have things I love to do and things I do that tend to make my life easier.

I love to bake which I never knew I did until I became a mom. In our family we like to eat a “real food” diet. This means we aim for whole grain, organic non-processed foods. We are not perfect by any means but we try our hardest to stick to that. I learned to bake when we switched over to a healthier life style and tried making healthier options. I love baking things and freezing them to have easy snacks, treats, making things easier and having healthier options. Some of my favorite things to have in my freezer are pancakes, banana bread and oatmeal bites. When Brandon was younger I made all his baby food homemade with individual portions in the freezer on hand always. Since going back to work I don’t bake as much as I was but trying to get back in the groove of it. I look forward to continue baking and sharing what I am baking and ways to make it healthier.

On top of baking I also love being creative. From making cards to planning parties making and creating things are a passion of mine. One of my favorite things to do is plan parties which I always go over the top with. From planning my son’s first and second parties to helping family and friends with theirs. I absolutely love the planning. Which I will be doing a lot of this next year with finally getting married after being with my Fiancé for 6 years. I love Pinterest to get many of my ideas from. Some things I have made have turned out amazing and some not so much but that’s the fun of making and planning things you never know what you’re going to get until you are finished.

On top of everything I love being a mom. Ever since I was little I couldn’t wait to be a mom. Even in my baby books my mom would write how as a toddler I was obsessed with baby dolls and being a mommy. I love planning fun activities to do with my son from Christmas activity advent calendars, his over the top birthday parties, to making crafts with him and teaching him many different things. From colors, counting, and sign language seeing him learn every day brings me such joy. He is my pride and joy; I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

These are just a few things that I love to do to mostly keep my sanity. Every day is a different adventure as much as I try to plan things nothing ever goes as plan. This is just a start of my chaotic life. Which, I am now looking forward to sharing with everyone.



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